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How important is the arts within STEM-centric education?

As we race towards a technologically advanced world, it is tempting for education to turn solely to engineering, coding and computer science. But, do the arts need space too?

Programmers and tech gurus are bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the mainstream, as its applications become more widespread and it naturally integrates with our everyday life.

But, as attention to computer skills and technology intensifies, it seems the arts are slipping off the education radar.

“I am really worried about what is happening to arts in schools. In the UK and elsewhere, it is being pushed out completely,” said Sally Eaves, co-founder of Aspirational Futures, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) project that provides support for the next generation of tech talent.

Eaves, whose credentials include being a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a widely-recognised thought leader in fintech, pointed out that in some schools, parents would have to pay if they wanted their children to learn music.

“If we don’t act soon, we could have a lost generation of children that understand have to write in javascript [a coding language] but don’t know how to creatively express themselves,” she told Study International.

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