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What Fall looks like at A4LSD

As the school year kicked off this fall the office at A4LSD was buzzing with energy and excitement. We've been told by many that the excitement dies down as holidays ramp up and fall settles into San Diego (as much as Fall ever really settles in here).

We are still buzzing and it's not the coffee, even though the office is located across from Pumpkin Spice Latte central. We are so excited about the offerings we are able to provide in our residencies, professional development, and community programs this year!

We will be all over the county with Residency Programs (we've got 61 going so far!) so if you see an Arts for Learning San Diego staff member or Professional Teaching Artist in the wild feel free to let us know how your student(s) are doing or what they are enjoying! We got some snazzy new shirts so we are easy to spot (candy and fruit not necessarily included).

If you see a poster or banner announcing that we are in your school please snap a photo and hashtag #a4lsd if you end up posting it! We love seeing the impact we are making in the community!

Our end of year numbers came in and reignited our enthusiasm!

Last year we served 65,961 people in San Diego with 179 Professional Teaching Artists!

We were in 26 of the 42 school districts in San Diego County with 1,390 programs.

We did the math to figure out how many times we had a Professional Teaching Artist interact with a student (point of contact) and it came out to 524,410!

We couldn't do this without people who cared, so we wanted to let you know that we are thankful for all of you because we know you care as much as we do!

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