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10 Ways Parents Support Arts Education for Students

Arts education benefits students not just in their knowledge of art but in many other subjects as well.

Arts education requirements are set by each state, however, and while many states require a certain number of hours or minutes of art education per year, some states have no requirements at all.

What can you do to support arts education? A lot.

The following tips from Americans for the Arts are intended to help parents and educators inspire a love of art in students.

  1. Participate. Sing, play music, read a book, dance or draw with your child at home.

  2. Support. Encourage your child to participate in creative outlets and celebrate their participation in arts activities both in their school and the community.

  3. Go read. Visit your local library and read “the classics” together — from Mother Goose to Walt Whitman.

  4. Speak up. Attend a school board or PTA meeting and voice your support for adequately funded arts education programs as part of the school’s budget. Brush up on the facts about arts education beforehand.

  5. Take the lead. Tell your child’s teacher or principal about how vital the arts are to quality education. Ask them what they need and how you can help.

  6. Think local. Read your local newspaper or community website to find out about local cultural events for you and your child to enjoy.

  7. Volunteer. Donate time, supplies or other resources to your child’s school or a local arts organization’s education programs.

  8. Join the cause. Join Americans for the Arts' campaign called Keep the Arts in Public Schools. It’s free!

  9. Be an advocate. Show your support for arts education by speaking with education leaders and decision-makers. For ways to take action, visit Americans for the Arts’ website.

  10. Stay informed. Keep up to date on the latest arts education news by subscribing to the RSS feed on ARTSblog at

Source: Green Shoot Media

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