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Advocacy: Securing the Arts in San Diego

Last week Mayor Faulconer released his budget for the City’s 2020-21 fiscal year. Included in this budget is a 50% reduction in arts and culture grants funding. That’s $5.6 million, according to finance director Matt Vespi. We know that tough choices are going to have to be made, but we also know that the arts are an important part of our city life. Music, dance, painting, theater and poetry are getting us through this difficult time. Would you please contact your San Diego city council member and encourage them to protect the limited funding that remains in the proposed budget for Arts and Culture organizations? This remaining funding is at risk and it is important for the Councilmembers to know just how important it is to their constituents. Find my city council district here. District 1: District 2: District 3: District 4: District 5: District 6: District 7: District 8: District 9: Not sure what to write? Here’s a start:

“As a constituent in your Council district, I am writing to let you know it’s important to my family that the remaining funds for Arts & Culture grants remain in the budget, and I ask you to please protect these funds and ensure they make it into the final budget this spring. The health crisis from coronavirus remains of paramount concern. Thank you for your communications within our district and work to ensure our city has responded appropriately. Unfortunately, the impact on our Arts and Culture community has been devastating. Like other small businesses, arts and culture organizations provide jobs, form the fabric of our community, improve our quality of life, enhance our civic pride and make our children’s futures brighter. And like small businesses, they’re suffering greatly from the pandemic — often without the access to relief programs that for-profit businesses have to get through this difficult time. The city’s support is critical in a normal year, but especially so now, when organizations are shut down and canceling shows, events and fundraisers. We must think of what kind of city we will be after this health crisis subsides, and a robust arts and culture community will help regain our sense of normalcy and community. I urge you to protect the arts and culture funding in the proposed budget.” Thank you for your help!

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